Flag State Representation

At AW Crewing our Flag State Management service provides you a link between the Isle of Man’s Flag Maritime administration (Ship Registry), the owner and your vessels. We maintain the current crew lists for each vessel and deal with the application for requisite Flag State Endorsements and Licenses. Furthermore we act as focal point of contact during the initial vessel registration process of all application documentation.

As we are based on the Isle of Man, we naturally have an excellent relationship with the Isle of Man Ship Registry and we liaise with them on a regular basis given we are situated 2 minutes walk from their offices.

Representative Persons

On the Island, there is a legal requirement for a local representative to be appointed for each vessel over 24 meters registered in the Isle of Man. This local representative is also known as ‘Representative Person’.
Our fees depend upon the level of service requested by the ship owner/operator.

Typically the services we can offer include but are not limited to the following:

  • Maintaining accurate vessel crew lists;
  • Applications for Officer Endorsements and licenses;
  • Applications for discharge books (if applicable);
  • Acting as the point of contact during initial vessel registration;
  • Ensuring Owners and vessels receive latest IOM M-notices;
  • Acting as the link between Ship Registry, Owner and vessel;
  • Additional ad-hoc marine services as required;

We can provide ad-hoc marine services around Full or Bareboat (Demise) registry on the Isle of Man.

Among the benefits for owners and operators placing and operating their vessel under Isle of Man Flag jurisdiction are:

  • A one-off low initial registration fee and subsequent monthly payments for SMC and future ILO audits on board the vessels;
  • A flag with first class reputation which you cannot find on the FoC list, thus eliminating potential difficulties with the ITF and Port State Control;
  • Your ship is flying the British Ensign and therefore you have an EU recognised flag which helps saving port dues in some EU Countries;
  • Entitlement to support of British Consular services and Naval protection in hostile situations;
  • No Tonnage tax fees;
  • No trading restrictions;
  • First class service without over complicated bureaucracy;
  • Favourable corporate structures available with Zero Rated tax regime;

For further information please contact iom@awcrewing.com.

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