About Us

Bespoke Crew Management

AW Crewing Services Ltd was formed in 2016 and is responsible for the recruitment, supply, management and deployment of crew on board vessels trading worldwide.

We offer a range of bespoke crew management services covering the spectrum of your crewing requirements. AW Crewing Services is committed to providing quality crew.

Drawing on our Group company experience and wealth of in-house knowledge and industry contacts we are able to secure the right people for your ships across all nationalities.


Crewing Essentials

We understand the competence, qualifications and experience of Officers and crew are essential to the management of a vessel.

Our crewing services include recruitment, deployment, CV vetting, rota planning, payroll, crew supply, union relationships & negotiation, budgeting and variance analyses, certification checks for seafarers, on-board appraisals and performance management, crew travel and compliance with Flag requirements.

Our bespoke offshore employment solutions are customised to individual needs, structured to ensure compliance with appropriate national tax regimes. Individual seafarers are always provided with a Seafarers Employment Agreement and written Terms and Conditions of Employment with the respective offshore employing company.


Comprehensive Training

At AW Crewing Services, seafarer training is not merely an aspect of our service, it underpins our entire philosophy on crew management. Today’s marine sector demands the highest level of training.

With a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of current up to date legislative, statutory and industry training requirements, coupled with our proven management systems, network of training providers and bespoke competence assurance programmes, AW Crewing Services ensures its clients’ seafarers have the right skills for the job.

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